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This neoprene lunch tote from Go Gourmet is the perfect companion for work or school, day trips, even flights. Made from padded wet suit material, it helps retain the temperature of its contents, provides glass bottles and containers protection, is compact and easy to store. The neoprene fabric is thick and durable, comfortable to carry, and the bag zips closed to keep everything inside secure. 

Key Features:

  • Go Gourmet Lunch Tote 
  • Pattern: Polka Dot
  • Constructed of neoprene fabric
  • Secure zipper
  • Helps retain temperature
  • Protects bottles and containers
  • Handles for easy transport
  • Machine washable


About D.line

D.Line is Donaldson Enterprises signature brand producing a wide range of products including kitchen tools, utensils, accessories and homeware gadgets. Donaldson has been building its reputation as a consistent supplier of new and innovative products since 1975. The range now includes more than 1700 kitchen and homeware items and continues to grow and bring new exciting products into the Australian market.



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